9 Ways to be a Millionaire before Passing High School

On: March 27, 2019
By: Abhishek Dey

There are some amazing personalities like Catherine Cook, Matt Mickiewicz, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell and more and all of them have one major similar trait that they made it big at a very young age. You might know Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell for Facebook and Dell Computers respectively, and Catherine Cook and Matt Mickiewicz for My Yearbook and 99 Designs and Flippa respectively. Their stories are brimming with inspiration and motivation and if you were to take a leaf or two from their lessons and wish to become a millionaire, you should start early. For instance, you have started to earn at the age of 16, you would have to earn quite a lot to become a millionaire before you graduate from high school. Try to start early. At the present day, you have a lot of opportunities online that allow you to work and turn hours into dollars, but they do not serve you with massive checks and at the beginning, we mentioned a couple of names, all of whom became millionaires but creating something of their own and you could try the same. One major thing to carry forward is that you should come up with something that would add value and solve a problem. Entrepreneurship is not easy and becomes quite tough on you and on some days, you might not earn anything at all. Also, you should think of ideas that could be used online because a major number of people are glued to their mobile phones at all times and it is absolutely fine if what you provide does not cost more than a dollar as long as there are a good number of people willing to pay for it. But here are a couple of ways that can help you get there.

9. Stock Exchange Arbitrage

Stock Exchange Arbitrage is basically where you would purchase a security, with the sole purpose of selling it off. You would sell it off at a time when you would get a considerably higher price for it. If not that, you could sell the security at the same time but at a different market. However, the idea would be to take advantage of a price difference between the two separate markets or the differing timings to garner for yourself some profits. It does come with its share of risks and so, because the price of the security could rise unexpectedly and result in a loss for you. But once you get an instinct for it, gather experience and such, it is obvious that you will be able to make good money.

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