10 Universities that Offers Full Scholarships to International Students

On: January 17, 2020
By: Abhishek Dey

Paying for college can be expensive, and doing so as an international student often costs even more. But some institutions ease the monetary burden by offering financial aid to international students, making a U.S. college education more affordable.

International students are not typically eligible for federal financial aid, though some exceptions exist, such as for refugees and green card holders. But in the absence of grants and loans offered by the federal government, some colleges offer significant financial aid.

In all, 468 ranked colleges reported offering financial aid to at least 50 international students in an annual U.S. News survey in the spring. Across these schools, the average amount of financial aid disbursed to international students during the 2018-2019 school year was $22,142. However, some schools were far more generous, with the top 10 offering an average aid package of $65,767. So, let’s take a look at 10 universities that offers full scholarships to students.

1. Maastricht University – UM Holland-High Potential Schola

Study level: Postgraduate / Master’s

Amount :

Living expenses: €12,350 (13 months) or €23,750 (25 months); Health & liability insurance: €700; Visa application costs: €171; Tuition fees: €13,000, €15,000 or €17,500 depending on the tuition of study program; Pre-Academic Training costs


Hold nationality in a country outside the EU/EEA and meet the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and residence permit for the Netherlands;

Have applied for admission to a full-time Master’s program at Maastricht University. See the full list of the Master’s program participating in this scholarship program;

Meet the specific admission requirements of the UM Master’s program to which has been applied for;

Have never participated in a degree-seeking higher education program in the Netherlands. Students who have completed exchange programs in the Netherlands are welcome to apply;

Be no older than 35 years of age

Have obtained excellent results during the prior education programs, as demonstrated by the applicant’s latest grade transcript or certified by academic excellence


13 months for a one-year Master’s program

25 months for a two-year Master’s program

Number available– 24

Deadline- 1 February (annually)

University website- www.maastrichtuniversity.nl

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