10 Cheapest Countries to Buy a Home for $20,000 after Retirement

On: March 25, 2019
By: Abhishek Dey

7. Thailand

Thailand is a vast place with a variety of things to offer that ranges from lively beach communities, frenetic big cities, university towns and more and you will always have something or the other to do, all for pennies on the dollar. It is located right at the center and it is a must go if you are looking to explore Asia or even otherwise. You are bound to find a lot of expats about and around here, especially in big cities like Bangkok. If you dig a slower pace and smaller communities, Chiang Mai in the north is your place with gold-gilded temples, streets that wind back, and food markets that stock weird and wonderful spices and vegetables. Also, when one is discussing Thailand, you cannot not mention their gorgeous beaches and the one on Hua Hin is beautiful. You will be able to lead a lavish life at around $952-$1,153 per month.

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