10 Cheapest Countries to Buy a Home for $20,000 after Retirement

On: March 25, 2019
By: Abhishek Dey

9. Mexico

Mexico is known for its exotic beaches and the first destination that would pop up if one is considering a beach vacation, is definitely Mexico, but they do have a lot more in store than just sand and water. The fact that it is so rich culturally makes it a no brainer and it also has some pretty picturesque locations to offer. The beaches are definitely postcard worthy but it is also known for its colorful colonial cities with their gorgeous houses and art, music and theater. Good living comes cheap here and one does not really have to struggle to fit in. In case you are wondering the reason we are propagating a country ridden with poverty and so, Mexico is not just limited to that, and there are wealthier localities with all the amenities you might need at low costs. If you wish to live in the cities, you could go for the colonial ones in San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato. If your choice is tilted towards Carribean Beach, Riviera Maya has beautiful houses and you can easily live off $1,500-$2,250 each month.

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